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Prof. Arnon Lotem

This is my OLD website (that will soon be removed).

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Dept. of Zoology, Faculty of Life Sciences

Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel

Research: Behavior, Ecology and Evolution, Evolution of Learning.

Phone: ++972-3-6408381, Room: Bessner 207 (at the Zoological Garden)

Ph.D., 1992, Tel-Aviv University, with Amotz Zahavi (on cuckoo-host co-evolution)
Post-doc, 1992-1994, UBC, Vancouver, with Jamie Smith (Killam and NSERC Fellow).
Faculty, 1994, Tel-Aviv University (Allon Fellow) - Full Professor, 2011
Visiting Professor at Cornell University, 1999-2001.
Academic director of the I. Meier Segals Garden for Zoological Research, Tel-Aviv Univ. 2004-2007.

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Selected publications

(Press here for full list of publications)

Truskanov, N. & Lotem, A., 2015. The importance of active search for effective social learning: an experimental test in young passerines. Animal Behaviour. 108, 165-173. doi:10.1016/j.anbehav.2015.07.031

Lotem, A., Kolodny, O., Halpern, Y. J., Onnis, L., & Edelman, S., 2015. The Bottleneck May Be the Solution, Not the Problem. A commentary on "The Now-or-Never Bottleneck: A Fundamental Constraint on Language". Behavioral and Brain Sciences . In press.

Kolodny, O., Edelman, S., & Lotem, A. 2015. Evolution of protolinguistic abilities as a byproduct of learning to forage in structured environments. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B. 282 (1811), 20150353. PDF

Vortman, Y., Safran, R. J., Reiner, B. T., Dor, R., & Lotem, A. 2015. Expression of multiple sexual signals by fathers and sons in the East-mediterranean barn swallow: are advertising strategies heritable?. PloS one ,10(2), e0118054. PDF

Kolodny O, Lotem A & Edelman S 2014. Learning a generative probabilistic grammar of experience: a process-level model of language acquisition , Cognitive Science , 39: 227–267, DOI: 10.1111/cogs.12140, PDF

Kolodny, O., Edelman, S., & Lotem, A. 2014. The evolution of continuous learning of the structure of the environment. Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 11(92), 20131091. PDF

Lotem A & Biran-Yoeli I, 2014. Evolution of learning and levels of selection: a lesson from avian parent-offspring communication. Theoretical Population Biology . 91:58-74. PDF

Ilan T, Katsnelson E, Motro U, Feldman MW & Lotem A. 2013. The role of beginner’s luck in learning to prefer risky patches by socially foraging house sparrows. Behavioral Ecology 24: 1398-1406 PDF

Vortman Y, Lotem A, Dor R, Lovette I, & Safran RJ. 2013. Multiple Sexual Signals and Behavioral Reproductive Isolation in a Diverging Population. The American Naturalist 182: 514-523 PDF Media

Lotem A, and Halpern J Y. 2012. Co-evolution of learning and data acquisition mechanisms: a model for cognitive evolution. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, B . 367:2686-2694. PDF

Katsnelson E, Motro U, Feldman MW, and Lotem A. 2012. Evolution of learned strategy choice in a frequency-dependent game. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B. 279:1176-84. PDF

Arbilly M, E, Motro U, Feldman MW, and Lotem A. 2010. Co-evolution of learning complexity and social foraging strategies. J. Theor. Biol. 267: 573-581. PDF

Dor R, and Lotem A, 2009. Heritability of nestling begging intensity in the house sparrow ( Passer domesticus). Evolution, 63-3:738-748. PDF

Shafir S, Reich T, Tsur E, Erev I, and Lotem A. 2008. Perceptual accuracy and conflicting effects of certainty on risk-taking behaviour. Nature 453: 917-920 First paragraph | Full Text | PDF (221K) See also: Making the paper: Arnon Lotem Nature podcast: interview with Ido Erev, media coverage

Katsnelson E, Motro U, Feldman MW, and Lotem A. 2008. Early experience affects producer-scrounger foraging tendencies in the house sparrow. Animal Behaviour, 75: 1465-1472 PDF

Grodzinski U, & Lotem A, 2007. The adaptive value of parental responsiveness to nestling begging. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B 274 (1624): 2449-56 PDF

Lotem A and Winkler DW, 2005 Defining the Concept of Public Information. Science 308: 354. PDF

Lotem A, and Winkler DW, 2004 Can reinforcement learning explain variation in early infant crying? Behavioral and Brain Sciences 27: 468. PDF

Lotem A, Fishman M.A., & Stone L. 2003 From reciprocity to unconditional altruism through signaling benefits. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B 270, 199-205. PDF

Kedar H., Rodriguez-Girones M., Yedvab S., Winkler DW & Lotem A. 2000. Experimental evidence for offspring learning in parent-offsrping communication. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B. 267: 1723-1727. PDF

Lotem A., Fishman A. M., & Stone L. 1999. Evoluion of cooperation between individuals. Nature 400:226-227. PDF

Lotem A. Wagner R.H. & Balshine-Earn S. 1999. The overlooked signaling component in non-signaling behavior. Behavioral Ecology 10: 209-212. PDF

Lotem A., Nakamura H. & A. Zahavi. 1995. Constraints on egg discrimination and cuckoo-host coevolution. Animal Behaviour 49:1185-1209. PDF

Lotem A. 1993. Learning to recognize nestlings is maladaptive for cuckoo Cuculus canorus host. Nature 362:743-745. PDF



To the Royal Society workshop, Animal minds: from computation to evolution (January 2012) press here

To the Evo-Learning International Workshop we organized at Kfar Blum (November 2010) press here

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