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Welcome to ZOMEBase, the information center for the three PCI Zomes: COP9 Signalosome, the regulatory lid of the 26S proteasome and eIF3

What is a ZOME?

A "ZOME" is any one of three related multi-protein complexes:

the Cop9 Signalosome
the Regulatory Lid of the 26S proteasome

These complexes were grouped together on the basis of similarities in their subunit composition and predicted structure. While subunits between the complexes share little primary sequence similarity, six subunits of all three complexes contain a PCI (Proteasome, CSN, eIF3) motif, while two subunits carry an MPN (Mpr1, Pad1, N-terminal) motif. This conserved six PCI / two MPN structure (among most higher eukaryotes) strongly suggests a common ancestor for these complexes. (1)

ZOMES, individually and in concert, affect proteome composition.

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NCBI: db=pubmed; Term=cop9 or "proteasome lid" or eIF3 or jab1
Related Articles

Uchl1 and its associated proteins were involved in spermatocyte apoptosis in mouse experimental cryptorchidism.

Sheng Li Xue Bao. 2014 Oct 25;66(5):528-36

Authors: DU P, Yao YW, Shi Y, Gu Z, Wang J, Sun ZG, Zuo JK

Uchl1 was found to be involved in spermatocyte apoptosis. The aim of the present study was to test whether Uchl1 and its associated proteins Jab1 and p27(kip1) were involved in spermatogenic damages in response to heat-stress in cryptorchidism. Hematoxylin and eosin (HE) staining and DNA end labeling (TUNEL) were used to observe morphological and apoptotic characteristics of spermatogenic cells; Immunohistochemical analysis was used to detect changes of Uchl1 and its associated proteins Jab1 and p27(kip1) in response to heat-stress from cryptorchidism leading to spermatocyte losses; And protein affinity analysis (pull-down) and immunofluorescence co-localization were used to verify the relevance among the three proteins in spermatocytes. The results showed that, Jab1 and p27(kip1), in parallel to Uchl1, increased in spermatocytes of apoptotic appearances in response to heat-stress, but not in multinucleated giant cells; Jab1 bound to Uchl1 in testis protein extracts, and co-localized with Uchl1 and p27(kip1) specifically in spermatocytes with apoptotic appearances. These results suggest that the accumulation of Uchl1 protein is involved in the heat-stress-induced spermatocyte apoptosis through a new pathway related with Jab1 and p27(kip1), but not the formation of multinucleated giant cells.

PMID: 25331998 [PubMed - in process]


1 : Hofmann, K., and Bucher, P. (1998). The pci domain: A common theme in three multi-protein complexes. Trends Biochem Sci 23, 204-205.;Aravind, L., and Ponting, C.P. (1998). Homologues of 26S proteasome subunits are regulators of transcription and translation. Protein Sci 7, 1250-1254.; Kim, T.-H., Hofmann, K., von Arnim, A.G., and Chamovitz, D.A. (2001). The pci complexes:pretty complex interations in diverse signaling pathways. Trend Plant Sciences 6, 379-386.

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